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Vita-Assay AN6W ( 102.01N 6-Well )

Vita-Assay AN6W ( 102.01N 6-Well )

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Product Number: 102.01N

Vita-Assay™ Kit contains essential components to capture CTCs, iCTCs, CECs and hematopoietic immune cells in up to 12-mL heparinized blood, to culture CTCs in 6 wells, and to prepare for downstream analyses of iCTCs including culture, flow cytometry phenotyping, gene expression profiling and NGS.

  • One (6-Well) plate of Vita-AssayTM coated with plain CAM
  • One bottle of 30-mL 10x Red Blood Cell (RBC) Lysis Buffer to prepare nuclear cells from whole blood
  • Two vials of 200-µL Cell Releasing CAM Enzyme
  • One tube of 8-mL CAM enzyme-activation buffer