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Diagnostic Applications

iCTC Drug Resistance (CDR) Testing

Improved Cancer Drug Selection.

iCTCs captured by the Applied DNA method are alive and can readily be cultured in the presence of panels of cancer drugs to optimize selection of treatment tailored to each patient. The ability to determine which cancer drug or drug cocktail is most likely to benefit a patient meets a major need which currently available methods have had only limited ability to address. The limited tests for this application currently available are run on primary tumors rather than the metastasis-associated iCTCs isolated from blood samples made possible by Applied DNA technology.

CAM captures live tumor cells with the invasive and metastatic potential- Enables iCTC Drug Resistance (CDR) treatment selection assay.

  • Measures therapeutic response of iCTCs and immune cells in blood before patients were treated with a specific therapy.
  • Helps clinicians to decide the optimal personalized treatment for individual patients.