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Diagnostic Applications

Serial Treatment Monitoring

Convenient and Effective Treatment Monitoring.

Serial measurement of iCTCs in routinely collected patient blood samples during the course of treatment and beyond can monitor for effective response, relapse to allow a timely change of a failing therapy, or to reinitiate therapy following recurrence.

  • Although almost 80% of ovarian cancer patients respond to standard chemotherapy, half of them recur within one year. Similar recurrence rates occur in lung and pancreatic cancer.
  • However, current CT imaging and serum CA125 methods detect recurrence too late to be effectively treatable. There is also a lack of methods for selecting from the 30+ therapies available.
  • Applied DNA developed unique invasive circulating tumor cell (iCTC) technology to enrich iCTCs from blood for both early diagnosis of recurrence and therapy selection.
  • iCTC™ assays were able to detect recurrences of ovarian cancer ~six months before conventional CT imaging and serum CA125 found evidence of recurrence.

Surveillance screening of ovarian cancer recurrence with CT imaging, serum CA125, and iCTCs.

Citation: Pearl, ML 2014; 2015 Gyn. Oncol.