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Gynecologic Oncology to Publish Vitatex Study on iCTCs in Ovarian Cancer

Posted by Che Chen on

Vitatex Inc. (Stony Brook, NY) announce that the journal Gynecologic Oncology has accepted for publication a key study by researchers from Vitatex and Stony Brook University entitled “Prognostic Analysis of Invasive Circulating Tumor Cells (iCTCs) in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer”. The research employed Vitatex’s unique cell adhesion matrix (CAM)-based functional CTC enrichment and analysis platform to examine the prevalence of an invasive subpopulation of CTCs (iCTCs) in 129 preoperative patients at high risk of Epithelial Ovarian Cancer, and to compare the results with serum CA125, the current clinical standard. The Vitatex iCTC assay was found to enable the early detection of ovarian cancer in a high risk group – iCTCs were more specific and had better positive predictive value than CA125 in screening patients at high risk of ovarian cancer. The group also found that iCTCs were better correlated with worse overall survival and progression-free survival than CA125.

The paper was authored by: Michael L. Pearl, Qiang Zhao, Jie Yang, Huan Dong, Shaun Tulley, Marc Golightly, Stanley Zucker, Wen-Tien Chen.

Manuscript is available online at:

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