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Vitatex Licenses CAM CTC Technology to Noble Life Sciences for Metastasis Drug Development Services

Posted by Che Chen on

Vitatex announced that it has licensed its patented Cell Adhesion Matrix-Based (CAM) Enrichment technology for the isolation of viable metastasis-initiating invasive circulating tumor cells (iCTCs) to Noble Life Sciences (Gaithersburg, MD). Vitatex cell capture technology will be used by the Noble team for the development of ex vivo and in vivo assays to determine the effect of cancer drugs on metastatic cells derived directly from patients, a project that Noble has been awarded a $100,000 grant from the Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO) to undertake.
“We are pleased to be collaborating with Noble Life Sciences in the development of services that extend the application of our technology to cancer drug development,” stated Dr. Wen-Tien Chen, Vitatex’s President and Founder. “The combination of Noble’s expertise in oncology animal and cell-based assays and Vitatex’s CAM-based isolation of viable invasive CTCs from patient blood samples will address a vital need to study drug sensitivity in metastatic tumor models.”
Dr. Stephen Horrigan, Chief Scientific Officer of Noble Life Sciences, noted, “In over 90% of cancer deaths, metastasis, not the primary tumor, is responsible. Yet virtually all cancer drug development testing is based on activity in primary tumors. The development of these metastasis-associated assays will enable us to offer highly innovative services to clients who are developing novel therapeutic drugs, in particular those that target metastatic cancers and cancer stem cells. One goal of our development effort will be to demonstrate the ability to test ex vivo the sensitivity and resistance of metastasis-initiating invasive CTCs to candidate drugs.  A second goal will be to create patient-derived metastasis mouse (PDM mouse) models thereby establishing mouse avatars for preclinical testing of human metastatic tumors.”
Using Vitatex’s CAM-coated capture devices and associated reagents, metastasis-initiating tumor cells will be isolated from the blood of cancer patients and used to assay the activity of drugs both in culture and in novel metastatic mouse models developed using these invasive circulating tumor cells (CTCs). 

About Vitatex:
Vitatex is focused on advance personalized medicine with tests of invasive circulating tumor cells (CTCs) that provide better information about the metastatic potential of a patient’s cancer to improve treatment and reduce health care costs. The company’s unique advantage stems from its patented approach that captures invasive CTCs directly linked to the metastatic process. Leveraging its functional Cell Adhesion Matrix (CAM) technology, Vitatex is developing proprietary diagnostic tests that can be run on blood samples, collected by standard current methods, to improve cancer treatment decisions. The company also offers research products and services for cancer drug development and metastasis research through collaborative partnerships.  For more information about Vitatex, visit:

About Noble Life Sciences:
Noble Life Sciences provides in vitro and in vivo preclinical drug development services including experimental design and testing, animal and cellular disease models, cell line development and protein production, selection and validation of biomarkers, and vivarium services. With deep expertise in drug development, the company offers access to their top scientists who work collaboratively with researchers to expedite preclinical and clinical therapeutic development. For more information about Noble Life Sciences, visit:

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