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Vitatex Receives Award for Best Overall Presentation at Molecular Triconference Partnering Forum, San Francisco, February 12, 2013

Posted by Che Chen on

Casey Eitner, Vitatex’s SVP of Business Development, presented a talk titled “Cell Adhesion Matrix-Based Isolation of Invasive Circulating Tumor Cells – iCTCs". Dr.Wen-Tien Chen, Vitatex’s Scientific Founder and President, presented at the Circulating Tumor Cell program of the Triconference with a talk entitled “Application of iCTC Detection and Culture in Personalized Cancer Management”.
The Partnering Forum is designed for companies with promising technology and applications seeking collaborations and partnerships to commercialize exciting new diagnostic products and services.  The award was judged based on the quality of the value proposition to the marketplace and the market or partner readiness of the company.  Vitatex is actively pursuing several such partnering opportunities.

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